Monday, March 31, 2014

Taking a Look at The S-Thunder Water Spraying Landmine a Really Neat Product For Your Airsoft Battle

Taking a Look at The S-Thunder Water Spraying Landmine a Really Neat Product For Your Airsoft Battle

Everyone wants to add extra realism to their airsoft games and there are a good number of choices avaible to you but one of the most enjoyable ways is to employ a s thunder water spraying land mine You have many different choices when it comes to buying an airsoft land mine for your next battle game. The S-thunder water spraying land mine is at the top of that list. Not only is this able to be utilized in the games very easily, it will completely soak anybody that is foolish enough to step on it.

Using the S-thunder water spraying land mine ready is a fairly easy process. It takes about 1 minute to get the mine ready to go, just unscrew the top, add water and a C02 cartridge and screw the top back on, for the best results add about twelve ounces of water to the land mine. Make sure that all of the water lines are in the cap, if one is not in place water will not exit that nozzle. You also need to put the gas cartridge into the center compartment in order to load the mine properly.

It is recommended that you place it in an area that you can bury it and then erase your tracks. It is possible for you to put one of these mines out in the open, but you need to be rather creative when it comes to covering your tracks and how you place it. It is better, if you put it slightly off of the beaten path underneath some vegetation where somebody can easily step. The more you use landmines the better you will get a placing them in a ideal spot.

Each time anyone walks upon the S-thunder water spraying land mine then detonates it, they are going to cause a small CO2 gas explosion which is going to almost instantly, squirt water directly up all over them.The average range of the water spraying land mine is more or less three m. It will be nearly impossible for people to step on one of these units and get avoid a fairly decent soaking. The other player will not become unnervingly drenched, just wet enough to let them and other people know they just got hit and have been taken out of from the skirmish. Nothing will be funner then seeing your pal get sprayed by a land mine you placed!

The S-thunder water spraying land mine is available in two separate colors, gold and black. It is made out of a super tough type of nylon so it will be able to stand up against a lot of abuse over the course of time. Loads of airsofters find that this is one of the more interesting items that they can add to a day in the airsoft guns field with training exercises. After you start making use of one of these items, you will think why you waited so long to start making use of it in the first place. Not only do they add a new element to your airsoft battle, but it is pretty much impossible for opposing team members to deny the fact that they have eliminated. Bottom line is that these are really cool additions to your airsoft combat and will bring a new level of realism and excitement.

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